Cia. Pere Hosta


Opendoor is a street show where humor transforms pedestrian everyday life, through a door. Surrealism and the game of urban architecture and everyday situations make an ideal setting for opening and closing the door to humor.
After the experience with Postal Express, and travel and international recognition, Pere Hosta decided to bring back the antihero abroad, to show as we are facing a public improvised.


Idea&Creation: Pere Hosta
Stage direction: Sophie Borthwick
Assistant director: Helena Escobar
Clown: Pere Hosta
Rhythms and percussion: Lu Arroyo
Scenery: Pep Aymerich
Costume: CarmePuidevalliPlantéS
Graphic design: SOPA graphics

  • ''Opendoor'' - Cia. Pere Hosta
  • ''Opendoor'' - Cia. Pere Hosta
  • ''Opendoor'' - Cia. Pere Hosta