Cia. Deambulants


Alt presents "curious characters who live in the heights", characters that will transforms wall in the ground and will live in a world that integrates aerial disciplines, from dance to circus techniques and clown through the establishment visual and contemporary dance, not to mention live music.


Choreography: Deambulants
Original idea: Montserrat Canals y Jordi Miquel
Direction: BET (Escarlata Circus)
interpreters: Jordi Miquel, Mariona Moya, Mariona Ortega, Paula Radresa, Montserrat Canals
Music: Orchestra Fireluche
Artistic advice: Pierre Pilatte
Scenery and design installation: Julià López
Lighting: María Güell y Robert García
Sound: Albert Cortada
Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Makeup: Sònia Bautista
Images: Pópulo Antolin
Graphic design: Roser Puigdevall
Photography: David Estany

  • ''Alt'' - Cia. Deambulants
  • ''Alt'' - Cia. Deambulants
  • ''Alt'' - Cia. Deambulants
  • ''Alt'' - Cia. Deambulants