Cia. Mal Pelo


Caín & Caín is an approach to the idea of duality. The relationship between two men who are the unfolding of one. The history of the biblical myth of Cain and Abel is the dramatic backdrop of the entire line of the show.

Cain kills Abel for love, delivering it as a gift to his father. Cain since then, doomed to be the bearer of duality that was at first.



Creation and direction: Eduard Fernández, Pep Ramis
Interpretation: Piero Steiner, Pep Ramis
Collaboration direction: María Muñoz
Assistant direction: Leo Castro
Artistic collaborations: Andrés Corchero,
Music: Steve Noble, Alex Polls
Lighting design: August Viladomat
Sound design: Àlex Polls
Scenography: CUBE.BZ
Video Editing: Xavier Pérez
Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Photography: Jordi Bover
Executive Producer: Mamen Juan-Torres
Promotion: Eduard Teixidor

Co-produced by: Mal Pelo, El Canal Centre d’Arts Escèniques and el Teatre Lliure.
With the collaboration of: L’animal a l’esquena and el Teatre de Salt.