Cia. Impàs Dansa


That story shows what happens and how we live the moment when somebody breaks your heart. How you feel when your relationship with him/her goes suddenly in a dark deep without solution. Or, how you feel when you are reborn in a new live where only you is the most important person. Because, now you love you. Now you believe in you. "Show" shows some sort of situations that everybody can recognise, due to everybody have a moment in his life that lives some kind of situation like this.



Original idea: Impàs Dansa
Direction: Elena Masó
Interpretation: Neus Masó
Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Illustrations and video animation: Mim Juncà
Music and arrangements: Ernest Parro
Technical and lighting design: Toni Pujol
Sound technician: Isaac Bosch
Special collaborations: Meritxell Yanes, Titon Frauca, Aniol Resclosa, Sesc Pla