Tut-turutut La princesa

Cia. La Bleda


Princesa Bleda has lost his treasure. Today, many people came to see her, and she could not show it! With the illusion that made him! Eh: she has lost it… or someone has taken it? Perhaps blue toad has taken it? We know that the princes have long fingers!
Princesa Bleda embarks on a journey to recover his treasure. She will find it, but in a different place that she imagines because his treasure is very different from how we had imagined…


Creation: Helena Escobar, Jordi Palet and Pere Hosta
Dramaturgy: Jordi Palet
Direction: Pere Hosta
Clown/actress: Helena Escobar
EScenography and atrezzo: Martí Doy
Music: Pep Pascual
Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Graphic design: SopaGraphics
Production: Cia. La Bleda
Acknowledgements: Sala La Planeta, La Sala Sabadell, AC Granollers
Collaboration: Ajuntament de Girona, Beques Kreas

  • ''Tut-turutut La princesa'' - Cia. La Bleda
  • ''Tut-turutut La princesa'' - Cia. La Bleda