L'alegria que passa

Cia. Teatre Blau


The plot of the play is about a unknown village in contemporary times, who visited a trolley street artists. The work shows the conflict between prose (village) and poetry (street artists). On one hand, artists representative of the bohemian, intended to relieve the townspeople with his show, but people do not understand and rejected them. Between two worlds, there is a bridge personage, Joanet, the son of the mayor who, despite belonging to the group of village, has been able to study and prefers the life of artists. However, they leave the village and Joanet resigned continuing in it.


Author: Santiago Rusiñol
Scenic direction: Martí Paraferrer
Interpreters: Albert Quintana, Rosanna Frigolé, Joni Tramuntana, Jordi Puigdevall, Mònica Sánchez, Oriol Brugué, Aleix Tarrés
Musical direction: Joaquim Rabaseda
Scenography: Ricard Prat
Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Music: Enric Morera
Advice literary: Margarida Casacuberta
Pianist: Joaquim Rabaseda

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