La majoria de suïcidis són en diumenge

La Troca, CAET Terrassa and Sala Muntaner


Klara and Nikodem, thirties, couple. Multinational executives, workaholics. They are living together for half a year and virtually unknown. The comedy takes place in her apartment on a Sunday morning, the first thing you have free from known. We are in times of crisis. They strive to act as if they were an ideal couple, but soon will they know nothing of each other.


Text: Anna Burzynska
Translation: Sonia Garcia Navarro i Joan Sallent
Direction: Jordi Vilà
Interpreters: Mercè Martínez i Borja Tous
Scenery: Pablo Paz
Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Lighting: Nani Valls

  • ''La majoria de suïcidis són en diumenge''