Petits crims conjugals

Bitó Produccions


Gilles is the victim of a mysterious accident. After spending some time in the hospital, returns home with his wife, Lisa. Has completely lost memory. Who is he? Who is Lisa? As it was before his life partner? From what she tells Gilles tries to rebuild his life. But what if Lisa lied? ¿It is really as she describes? And she is indeed his wife? Makes its way unexpected truth. Who believe? Married life is indeed hell-no mental cruelty? And when we see a man and a woman before the mayor or the priest, we actually asked which of the two will be the killer?
Around this accident building a piece of intrigue in which the couple faces a bright fencing of revelations and concealments, passions and hatreds, love and sometimes indifference, that will keep the viewers attention intact until their surprising outcome.


Author: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Translation: Sergi Belbel
Direction: Xicu Masó
Assistant director: Llàtzer Garcia
Interpreters: Laura Conejero i Ramon Madaula
Scenery: Bibiana Puigdefàbregas
Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Lighting and technical director: August Viladomat
Music: Eduardo Arbide
Sound design: Marc Paneque
Credits: Xavier Pérez
Production Management: Josep Domènech
Executive producer: Meri Notario
Photography: Ros Ribas
Builder: Escenografia Moi&agrave
Paintings by: Mercedes Mangrané i Alejandra Atarés
Advice hairdresser: Núria Llunell
Sound technician: Lluís Robirola
Lighting technician: Àngel Puertas
Produced by Bitò Produccions and coproduction by Ramon Madaula SL and 3xtr3

  • ''Petits crims conjugals'' - Bitó Produccions
  • ''Petits crims conjugals'' - Bitó Produccions