Meri Yanes and David Planas
AGT Award 2015


Two different lives, those of Mary and Teresa. Maria, a doctor of Celrà married with a doctor and with two children. Teresa, the whole life dedicated to her brother that a small accident left him in a wheelchair. Despite the different circumstances, each of the lives has its good and bad moments. The characters of the characters will be forming that lived experience, although chance will also have a lot to say ... Four different lives united by a single fact.


Direction: Víctor Muñoz Calafell

Dramaturgie: Cristina Clemente

Actrice: Meri Yanes Font

Acteur: David Planas Lladó

Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS

Coiffure et maquillage: Anna Rosillo

Espace scénique: Art Estudi (David Faüchs et Fany Espinet)

Espace sonore: Salvador Garcia

Conception des éclairages: August Viladomat

Production exécutif: Meritxell Yanes

Production Technique: David Planas

Directeur assistant et de la production: Marta Comas

Photographie: Bernat Casero Gumbau

Conception graphique: Gerard Yanes

Co-production: David Planas y Meritxell Yanes, Temporada Alta 2015 et Ajuntament de Celrà

Collaborateurs: Famille Pagans, Carnisseria Sergi, famille Yanes Font et famille Planas Lladó, Cia. Teatre Safareig.

Additional information

  • ''Ventura''