Una ciutat brillant

CAET collaboration with Sala Beckett


In Dublin, a man asks for help from a psychiatrist claiming to have seen the ghost of his dead wife recently... "Una ciutat brillant" basically speaks of guilt, the wreck of the past of each, but the possibility of start again. Put all the personages at a critical moment in his life, instability and changes in common. Uncertainty at twenty, thirty, forty, fifty...


Text: Conor McPherson
Translation: Joan Sellent
Direction: Jordi Vilà
Assistant director: Montse Casas
Interpreters: Andreu Benito, Joan Dausà, Clara Galí i Santi Ricart
Scenography: Pablo Paz
Costume: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Lighting: Nani Valls
Sound space: Alex Ponte

Produced by CAET in collaboration with Sala Beckett